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Get a quote for commercial or residential painting projects from the best painting company in Framingham. You will get detailed quotes and a timeline.

Get A Quote Today!

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting for your commercial or residential property, please fill out the form or call us for a free site inspection and quote. We will promptly schedule a consultation to evaluate your property and understand your specific needs. From this understanding, we will provide you with a free quote. 

Our prices may not be the cheapest but they are competitive, guaranteeing you excellence in every brushstroke.


Questions to Ask From Your Painting Company:

Does the quote include all prep work, cleanup, and materials?

Absolutely! These tasks are a part of our job. We will thoroughly prepare the surface by removing the loose paint, and dirt, and repairing holes or cracks. 

Daily cleanup is our ritual; we leave no mess behind. Post completion, we will responsibly dispose of the paint cans, brushes, masking tapes, etc., and thoroughly clean all the mess that we may have made. 

If you find any issue during the inspection (which is highly unlikely), we will fix it promptly. You don’t have to pay a dollar more than the quoted amount.

Do you provide any warranty for the paint job?

Yes, we proudly stand by our quality commitment and offer a 2-year warranty for all the projects; be interior or exterior painting of residential or commercial property. In case any issue arises, call us and we will promptly address it. 

Please note that our warranty doesn’t include accidental damage.

Are you registered and insured?

We are a registered and fully insured painting company in Massachusetts. We also have workers’ compensation, which helps protect both our team and your property. We comply with all relevant industry standards and conduct our services with utmost responsibility.

What type of payment process is expected?

If you are happy with our quote and want to hire us, you will to pay a small deposit before we begin the project. The remaining balance is paid in installments, as outlined in the quote. Being your reputable painting contractor in Framingham, we send you the last payment request only after we have completed the project and you have approved it.

When will the work start and be completed?

You will receive a detailed timeline of your project along with your quote. We will clearly mention the date of beginning and the expected date of completion. If you want to choose specific working hours or dates, please tell us during our consultation.